Various treatments done at our centre

Diode laser

This laser treatment is done to remove unwanted hairs on face, body. For effective hair reduction 8-10 sessions are required. We have USFDA approved diode laser machine at our centre.

Qswitch ND Yag laser

This laser machines is useful for removing dark spots, birth marks, tattoo and laser peel for improving complexion

Carbon dioxide laser

We have USFDA approved co2 laser machine for treatment of scars of pimples, scars of trauma and for treating imperfections on skin. Facial rejuvenation can aslo be done with this machine

Intense pulse light

We have this machine at our centre to treat large pimples, red spots after pimples and various vascular lesions

Microneedle RF

We traet acne scars very effectively with this machine. There is no downtime after treatment and 70-80% reduction in scars can be achieved with this machine.

Excimer flash lamp

It is used for treating leukoderma, white coloured birth marks etc


We extract platelets from patients blood in this procedure and and inject in scalp for promoting hair growth

Cautery/Radio Frequency machine

For removal of warts, skin tags and small skin tumours

Chemical Peeling

various chemicalsare applied to the skin which induce controlled inflammation and gives skin rejuvenation in the form of glow,reduction in pigmentation,reduction in scars

Low laser light helmet—

It is used for treatment of hair fall and baldness.

It is used for treatment of hair fall and baldness.

Botox and Fillers

for reducing wrinkles and lifting of face and skin tightening

Thread Lift

Variuos kinds of threads are inserted into the skin, They get absorbed and give immediate skin tightening