Services offered at our clinic :

We Treat

Acne (pimples)

Acne is very common skin Condition which generally occurs in teenage, but can be seen in late ages also. It appears as red or black raised bumps on skin of can leave behind dark spots and depressions(scars). We treat simple as well as complicated acne in our clinic by medication or by various treatments like chemical peels and lasers. Dark spots on face can also be treated with lasers and chemical peels.

White spots

White spots can be due to various causes like leukoderma(vitiligo), allergy, fungal infections, leprosy. Vitiligo is very stubborn condition and requires treatment for long time. Along with medical line of therapy we have excimer light to treat this condition. If it doesn’t improve with medication or excimer light, cosmetic surgery is done for it at our centre.

Dark spots

Dark spots can be due to pimples, hormonal imbalance(melasma), suntanning, after injury to skin or diseases like lichen planus. We treat it medically or with the help of chemical peels or ND yag laser.dark spots take long time to heal and need patience Q switch nd yag laser is quite effective tool to treat it.patients having dark spots should always take sun protection


Skin allergy

It can be due to sunlight, dust, pollens, any irritant substance applied on skin, insect bite, food etc. It can present as itchy red skin, light spots, raised bumps on skin etc. We treat skin allergy due to various causes. skin allergy can also create eczemas of various types. patients having skin allergy should avoid brinjal and sour food in diet. should refrain from cosmetics, chemicals, synthetic clothes

Hair fall and baldness

Hair fall in females, males can be due to various reasons. It can be telogen effluvium which is very common in females and in males it is due to effect of androgen’s which lead to early baldness. Sometimes circular patches of hair loss can appear on scalp, beard, moustache. Hair fall can be treated with medical therapy or with injections and PRP therapy. We also have low lase light helmet at our centre which is FDA approved treatment for treatment of male pattern and female pattern hair loss.

Psoriasis, lichen planus, fungal, bacterial, viral skin infections, eczema’s.

all these conditions are treated at our centre.

Anti-ageing treatments

Various antiaging treatments for wrinkles, loose skin, sagging skin, loss of glow are done with Botox, filler injections and thread lift.

Warts, Moles, Skin tags

we treat moles, warts and skin tags with radiofrequency machine or laser treatment,skin tags are common in obese individuals and appear with advancing age on their neck, underarms and face. moles are usually genetic in nature and appear on face. warts is infection due to virus and it can spread rapidly by touch of clothes or hand need to be treated on urgent basis.